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What is Kidstuf?

KidStuf Live is where kids and parents learn together about God’s big ideas (we call these virtues). Each month, from September to May, we have a 45-minute, fun, interactive, multi-media shared experience designed for families.

Why does KidStuf exist?

KidStuf exists to partner with parents. We believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the spiritual development of their children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). We also recognize that parents have a whole lot more time with their kids than anyone at church. In fact, each year kids spend about 3,000 hours with their parents versus the 40 or so that they will spend attending church on Sunday. As a result, no one has more influence over a child than his or her parent. Because of this, we believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. We believe that it is our role to partner with parents by providing them the tools they need to lead their kids spiritually.

Who should attend KidStuf?

Kids AND their parents should come together after UpStreet and main service.

How does KidStuf partner with UpStreet?

These two environments work together to provide the best experience possible for your family! The same kids that go to KidStuf also attend UpStreet. In both of these environments, they are learning about the same virtue. KidStuf is a monthly, shared experience for families that launches the virtue that kids study in UpStreet for the month.

UpStreet happens every Sunday during the main service. It is where kids meet in small groups with other kids their age and connect with an adult small group leader. Each week they are taught a different Bottom Line and Bible story that focuses on a different aspect of the virtue.

When is KidStuf?

KidStuf happens at 10:15 am the first Sunday of every month, August through May. In order to have the best experience, it is important that children attend UpStreet before KidStuf!

Where is Kidstuf?

KidStuf takes place upstairs in The Hang’r – our student and children’s building directly next door to our main worship area.

Where does my child sit during Kidstuf?

Your child will be sitting with you wherever you choose to sit!

What do I do with my preschooler during KidStuf?

Your preschooler is welcome to come to KidStuf Live with you!

What is the KidStuf Take-Away?

The KidStuf Take-Away is sometimes a toy, sometimes a gadget – but it’s always meant to be a creative application tool designed to help families remember the virtue we’re learning and to help them remember to apply it in their home, all month long. It’s like the little red ribbon tied around your finger, except, it’s not a little red ribbon, and we don’t tie it on your finger – but hey – you get the point.

What’s a Virtue?

It’s something that every parent wants their kid to learn, (and – let’s be honest – it’s something every parent wants more of for themselves as well)! We would like to say that we came up with these values and virtues, but actually, they are God’s Virtues. There is a different Virtue each month that is the over-riding theme in KidStuf and UpStreet. Every element of KidStuf and UpStreet is centered around that Virtue.

How can I become a KidStuf Live Volunteer or Cast Member?

Who knew ministry could be this fun! If you enjoy Kidstuf Live from the audience view, you would love to see it from backstage! We think volunteering at KidStuf Live is a blast! So if you are looking to join and build relationships with a fun team of volunteers, look no further than KidStuf! We are always looking for volunteers both backstage and onstage. Please contact any Kidstuf cast member for more information or email [email protected].