Family Experience

Kidstuf - Where kids bring their parents to learn about God's values!

Due to the guidelines with Covid-19 - Kidstuf is not in operation at this time.

Kidstuf is where kids and parents learn together about God’s big ideas. The first Sunday of each month (at 11:30am), from September(September's Kidstuf will be on the 2nd Sunday of the month due to Labor Day) to May, we have a 45 minute, fun, interactive, multi-media shared experience designed for families.

Because our goal is to partner with parents, we launch the virtue that K-5th graders are learning about in Upstreet all month long. We also provide each family with a Kidstuf Take-Away so that the parents can help their kids apply the virtue at home - where it matters most!

The adult worship experience will still go on simultaneously in the worship center next door during this 11:30am service time. But because we have 3 services, you can attend a 8:30 or 10:00 worship service and then come join your kids for an incredible and energetic production that will send you home with tools, conversations, and a lot of laughs!